The highest award in the arts and culture of batik is devotion to preserve it.

We have maintained the original style of the work of our batik. The quality is clear we have with the support of experienced workers for decades in making both handwriting batik and stamped/cap batik.


Batik Cempaka began from a home industry.

We producing batik cloth jarit Dharma Wanita as a superior product established in the early 1980 at Kampoeng Batik Laweyan, Surakarta or better known as Solo.


To be a high quality international manufacturing batik company.


1. Producing high quality batik products and continue to maintain the stability of the quality of its products
2. Building a strong management in all lines of the company
3. Creating a healthy financial condition
4. Building a good and strong social responsibility

Want to know the history of batik?

The definition of batik in accordance to historical presence of batik is motive in the art of fabric to be used as materials to make clothing and other textile products- and now also on other media such as wood-by manually methods of handicrafts ,

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